dimanche, 9 octobre, 2016

ownCloud Documentation Updates

I updated the documentations for ownCloud 9.0 and 9.1, administrator and user, to reflect the changes occurred since August.

Donwloads and online navigation on this page.

lundi, 15 août, 2016

ownCloud 9.1 Documentations in French

Administrator and user documentations for ownCloud 9.1 are available in French.

Aside that, the documentations for version 9.0 have been updated: typos, ReST syntax errors, non localized sections and updates from the English version.

Online HTML versions, HTML archives and PDF files are available on the documentations page of my site.

dimanche, 10 juillet, 2016

ownCloud Sync Client 2.2

The French translation of ownCloud Sync Client for Desktop 2.2 documentation is available.

Online reading and downloading of HTML archive are available on the documentation page of my site.

lundi, 27 juin, 2016

French ownCloud 9.0 Administration Manual is Available

Roughly three months after the completion of the French translation of the ownCloud 9.0 User Manual, I finally got rid of the translation of the administration manual!

That was a huge work as the documentation is really, really detailed (bravo to the ownCloud documentation team by the way!) and much more technical than the user documentation.

An online version and a downloadable HTML archive are available on my site (no worry: no ads, no nothing, just pure HTML content and a piwik snippet to count visits).

New: the source files are now hosted on a git repository.

Note: I did not tranlate the Enterprise Edition chapters, only the Community Edition ones.


dimanche, 3 avril, 2016

ownCloud documentation in French

Something was really missing in the ownCloud Project: an user documentation localized in French (and in other languages by the way). So, I started to localize it. For the moment, I completed the user manual for Web interface of ownCloud 9.0. I will then localize the user manual for sync desktop clients, the one for mobiles and then the administrator manual.

As you will see, the paint is still fresh :-) : a few typos here and there and some screenshots are still in English. This will be fixed in the next few weeks. However, it is already useful.

I will announce on this blog updates and new available releases.

An online HTML version, a PDF file and an HTML archive are available on this page.

mardi, 16 février, 2016

New Photo Manager

I had a few feedbacks about the difficulty to visualize the photos with the Dotclear photo gallery plugin. « Je vous ai compris ! »

So, I installed Piwigo which allows an easier navigation: photo resizing, diaporama and lots of other customizations.

Furthermore, it will be easier for me to publish the next photo galleries :-) .

Each post link has been updated accordingly, otherwise, you can see directly the galleries, without the explanation here.

jeudi, 26 novembre, 2015

Himeji - Day 20

Last day... Heading to Tegarayama Park. Visiting its little botanical garden and the park. Then, walking towards the castle. Passing by Harimanokuni Shrine then Himeji Gokoku Shrine. Entering the castle park then ascending the 6 levels of the castle. Shoes off: each floor and stairs are made of wood. Visiting Koko-en (in fact, it is several little gardens). Finally, Shinkansen then limited express for Kansai International Airport.

The photos.

lundi, 23 novembre, 2015

Kobe - Day 19

Nothing much left to see in Kobe. Walking in Flower Road to go to Higashi Yuenshi Park, then elevator until the 24th floor (in fact the 23rd...) of the Town Hall to watch the city from upstairs. Walking through the park again to see the 1995 Earthquake Memorial. Then the Kōbe gaikokujin kyoryūchi (Kobe Foreign Settlement). Heading now to Kobe's Harbour, its 1995 Earthquake Memorial and going to the top of Kobe Harbour tower. Back to the hotel, I received an email from Sunny, one of the member of the Taiwanese group I met in Sakurajima, who sent me the photos they took.

Tomorrow night, back to France, I will be visiting Himeji during the day.

The photos.

dimanche, 22 novembre, 2015

Kobe - Day 18

I take the ropeway for Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens. Disappointing: a big kitchen garden and a few flowers. Then, cable car for Mount Rokko: I failed my photos at the top, but there were more or less the same than those for Mount Maya. Cable car again for Mount Maya.

The photos.

samedi, 21 novembre, 2015

Kobe - Day 17

Departure for Kobe. The train passes by Sakurajima again, the photos are nicer this time. In Kobe, visiting Ikuta Shrine, then Sorakuen Garden. I am passing by a Chinese temple while going to Minatogawa Shrine. Then, heading to Maiko to see the world's longest suspension bridge, Akashi Kaikyo (or Pearl Bridge), linking Akashi Island to Maiko. Back to downtown in Motomachi Ward to walk in Nankinmachi (China Town).

The photos.

jeudi, 19 novembre, 2015

Miyazaki - Day 16

Departure for Miyazaki. Last photos of Sakurajima from the train. Photos from the central park of Miyazaki while waiting for the bus to Aoshima Island and its peculiar rock formations and its shrine.

The photos.

mercredi, 18 novembre, 2015

Kagoshima - Day 15

It rained heavily again today. I go to the railway station and get on the train to Yamakawa to visit Cape Nagasakibana. A voice announce something and everybody gets down the train. So, I do the same :-) . In the station lobby, on the information pane, I manage to decypher "heavy rain". The information desk confirms me that the line is suspended until further notice due to heavy rain.

So, I fall back on the tourist trap consisting with a one day pass to take the ferry to Sakurajima Island and a bus makes a one hour loop trip for "things to be seen". The only interesting thing (for me), is the crater observatory point. Unfortunately, there are so much wind, rain and clouds that nothing can be seen, not even the smoke panache (see photos). But this was the opportunity to meet a nice group of Taiwanese people. Then, I go back to the hotel, totally soaked, again :-) .

mardi, 17 novembre, 2015

Kagoshima - Day 14

Heavy raining this morning. Visiting Ishibashi Kinen park then Sengan-en garden.

The photos.

lundi, 16 novembre, 2015

Kagoshima - Day 13

Arriving this morning in Kagoshima. Heading towards the hotel to drop my luggage, then walking to Terukini shrine. On the road, several statues and their history. After the shrine, climbing to Shiroyama observatory. On the way, several sites detailing a partof the history of Kagoshima and the 13 Bouddha stone statues (the upper ones). View upon the city and Sakurajima volcano, still in activity. Going down where I take photos I have missed. Then, visiting the Kagoshima aquarium and back to the hotel getting a bit lost in the tramway :-).

The photos.

dimanche, 15 novembre, 2015

Kumamoto - Day 12

Good morning Kumamoto. Today, visit of Suizenji Jojuen Garden (beautiful) and of Kumamoto's Castle. Kitaoka Shrine then visiting the Kitaoka National Park (which is a bit escheated) where can be found the remains of the Hosokawa family and the ruins of Miogeji Temple.

The photos.

vendredi, 13 novembre, 2015

Yufuin - Day 11

Getting on the train to Yufuin. It is raining and the wind is blowing. I walk to Kinrinko's lake. A dozen of buses of Chinese tourists are waiting for me. I am soaked. I manage to find a little restaurant away from the crowd and I return back to Beppu. So, very few photos today.

The photos.

jeudi, 12 novembre, 2015

Usuki - Day 10

Train for Usuki this morning. Visiting the castle ruins, then Ryugenji temple and its three-story pagoda, followed by Daikyoji temple and not far from there, on Usuki river island, Sumiyoshi shrine. Then, bus to see the Bouddha stone statues, 59 statues, designated as a national treasure. There are spread into four clusters. In the order of my itinerary: Kubon no midazou and Amida san son zou (1st cluster), Jizo jyu ou zou and Nyorai san son zou (2nd cluster), San no san sekibutsu (3rd cluster) and Furozono sekibutsu (4th cluster).

In the evening at the restaurant, I meet a fellow countryman, Damien, where we exchange about our Japanese experiences.

The photos.

Beppu - Day 9

Today, the Beppu "Hell" tour, the "Jigoku", then, ropeway to Tsurumi mount culminating at 1375 meters, or how to  pass from 20° C to 5° C in 5 minutes.

The photos.

mercredi, 11 novembre, 2015

Beppu - Day 8

Good bye Fukuoka, hello Beppu. Today, visiting Takasaki natural park to watch Japanese wild monkeys, not fierced, but: no contact, no staring (it is a provocation). There were about 200 of them at least. A nice volunteer Japanese lady has been explaining to me for a whole hour all that had to be known: hierachy, groups, nursery, etc.

A detour towards Beppu Tower: nothing special.

In the evening, dinner in down town. A very little restaurant, like thousand others here. Nine seats at counter and I had a very good time there. Last year, I visited the big cities and I was hearing French conversations almost all day long in touristic sites. From the beginning of this journey, I met at the most two or three western tourists a day. So, I come in and order. Five minutes later, the waiter gives me a glass of sake?? One of the customer, whom of course I thanked, offered me this drink just because I was there, in his town! Then, a father and his two daughters come in, we gabble in Japanese and in English. I tell them I am French and he offers me a meal! He "forced" me to taste a meal he ordered and to taste an alcohol which I do not remember the name, we continue to talk. On leaving the restaurant, the owner was waiting for me outside to thank me, in the Japanese way, for choosing his restaurant, and I tried to thank him back in my own way for the warm welcome. an unforgettable memory.

The photos.

lundi, 9 novembre, 2015

Takeo Onsen - Day 7

Getting on Midori train again for Takeo Onsen. Visiting Takeo Shrine. Not far from it, is hiding a 3000 year old camphor tree in which a god is supposed to reside. Then, heading to Keishu Garden followed by Mifune Yama Garden. They should be even nicer when azaleas are blossoming.

Les photos.

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